Fyre Fraud

Fyre Fraud (2019)

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The movie Fyre Fraud was about an organization that decided to create a music festival. Ultimately the organization over promised what customers where paying for and stole millions of dollars. Billy MacFarland the CEO of Fyre Inc. was a criminal and went unjustly punished for his crimes, despite repeating the offense of fraud even after the Fyre scandal. Customers arrived on the island the day of the event only to find nowhere to sleep or put their belongings. Customers paid $4000 and received nothing that was advertised. The festival was extremely disappointing to all that were involved. MacFarland exploited many Bahamian who were unpaid for hundreds of thousands of dollars of work. Individuals who were residents of the island and worked with Macfarlands where threatened for his
wrongs. One woman actually paid workers that helped her cook for Macfarlands crew their lost wage, spending her life savings to right his wrongs.

Moreover, the Fyre island scam was so effective because Macfarland had a following from previous social media endeavor. He practiced the same business model in New York on a lower scale and it was somewhat successful. Nonetheless, the business gained the trust of many patrons that entertained the Fyre Island fairytale. This speaks to the idea of authenticity. This idea that one good customer to business experience makes the business trustworthy. This concept is great from an idealistic standpoint.

Conversely the reality is that people will make your food sick at a restaurant, ignore you at the clothing store or have the nerve to hang up on you when you waited on the phone 30 minutes for customer service. Further, many “credible” individuals endorsed the project through social media postings. Throughout, the 21st century social media platforms have totally manipulate users. Who seek a global identity more than a local identity. Individual understand their physical environment as boring and dull. Therefore, they strive to live in this perfectionistic world that marketers present them. It is important to understand that social media is fundamentally millions of tiny squares varying in millions of different colors displaying on your screen. Just because Kylie Jenner or the Weeknds partner endorse the event does not mean you should pay 4000$ to an agency that ask you to. That is a steep price for a festival that only host Blink 182 and has never produces services before. Albeit, using celebrity as credibility or selling an escape has historically been an extremely effective tool in business marketing. The act of preying on personal beliefs is the gateway to their trust.

Ultimately, many people trusted Billy Macfaland but he was just a manipulator with no remorse. I ask you to observe the Fyre Island music festival from my perspective or not to if you so wish. Nevertheless, in the words of Danny DeVito in the movie Matilda “I say appearance is nine-tenths of the law. People don’t buy a car, they buy me, which is why I personally take such pride in my appearance; well-oiled hair, clean-shaved, a snappy suit… There’s a sucker born every minute. We’re gonna take ’em for all they got.”

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