Responding to negative events

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After nearly losing the tip of my left pointer finger and being denied time off for my college
speech tournament, despite having never taking a day off, I decided to quit UPS. However, that would not be my last unpleasant experience with that company. On February, 15, 2019 I had a deliver from UPS and was expecting it in the morning. I felt very hungry and my stomach hurtled, so I went to get something to eat. In that time the delivery worker stopped by and left a note telling me I would not get my next day air package until 4 days later. This made me very upset. I called to see what could be done and was told to meet the driver twice. Each time I missed him. Most of my day felt wasted which made me feel disrespected so I reach out to UPS through social media. Minutes later I was asked to email the organization instead of comment on their Instagram. Which was their attempt to negate negative publicity.

So I emailed them this:
TRACKING NUMBER 943457073060

I’ve been on hold with your 186667908450 line for the past four hours it’s disgusting because ofthe fact that no one wants to help me your UPS driver from 4255 James E Casey dr, Jacksonville Florida 32219 are too busy to deliver my package to me I’ve waited in two different locations because of the dispatcher calling from 9046953200 number that doesn’t allow me to call back. I also bought headphones from Amazon today that delivered my package just fine. This only exemplifies how horrible your service is as I write this I’m on a 10 minute hold for the 4th time.

My phone number is 9042584559

UPS responded:
Dear Cephas,

I can see how this would be frustrating to not get this package. I am showing that this was
attempted today. Unfortunately the drivers are only able to make one attempt per day on a
package. This would be able to be held at the customer center to be picked up tonight, or I am
able to request this gets redelivered to you on Monday. Please let me know if this work for you.


Andrew C.
Social Media Customer Care Team

I responded:
No I need it tomorrow morning at the Access center. Stop providing me with horrible service
isn’t the Monday a holiday? Please stop putting little attention into my problem!

UPS responded:

Hello Cephas,

I am afraid Monday is the soonest it can be set back out for delivery. Monday is a normal
business day for UPS. Package will be out for delivery Monday to the access point.


Emmanuel A.
UPS Social Customer Care Team

I will never use UPS again however, the strategy of negating a customer to private conversation is important in business credibility. In retrospect I see was manipulated to let out my frustrations in a less detrimental capacity to UPS through private email.

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