Tone in social media

The inauthenticity of instagram
Changing Your Social Status –
The art of conveying that your life is more glamorous than it truly is. AKA –

bowwowchallenge . People have posted the “glamorous” sides to their lives in

hopes of gaining notoriety and clout in the social media game. But the gag is, half
the time these posts are completely fabricated to let the follower believe that the
“instagram celeb” is living a more extravagant life than they actually are.

See the source image

See the source image

Changing Your Look –
People selling a false representation of their appearance to gain more social media
attention. The powers behind filters and apps like YouCamPerfect or FaceTune have
made it even easier for social media junkies to drastically change their appearance.
Whether it’s elongating their torsos, refining the tips of their knows, or changing
their skin tone and height.

Changing Your Friends –
Purchasing followers on Instagram to boost social media presence an inauthentic
way to boost your following and your purpose on social media.

See the source image

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